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We are Places for People, the UK's leading Social Enterprise. We change lives by creating and supporting thriving Communities.  
Our business consists of complementary companies that are market leaders in placemaking, regeneration and development, investment management, property management and leisure. Working together, we have the expertise and reach to create and manage entire Communities, providing homes, services support and infrastructure that enable our Customers and their Communities to thrive.  
We own or manage more than 230,000 properties that are the homes to around 500,000 Customers right across the UK.  
We operate 100 leisure facilities that support the health and wellbeing of our Customers with an average of 1.9m visits a month.  
Using the power of partnership and working collaboratively, almost 10,500 colleagues in more than 20 specialist companies create Communities and provide People with opportunities and choice in a way that few organisations can match.

Visit the Places for People website to find out more. 


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