Capital Wins. Community Gains.

Formerly known as PfP Capital, Thriving Investments is a leading fund manager with a social conscience.

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Our Aim

Focused on the UK Living sectors, we create thriving communities by delivering high-quality affordable homes across the country through a range of investment platforms and tenures.

Since our establishment by Places for People Group, we have created a number of sophisticated strategies, raising equity and investing in mixed-tenure homes for rent and sale. Leveraging Places for People Group's expertise in property management and social value creation, we bring our own FCA-regulated fund management expertise and our award winning development platform, igloo Regeneration, to offer investors strong returns and ongoing value growth.

Our values are at the core of everything we do. Everyone has the right to live in a safe and welcoming home, but our vision goes beyond this: we are committed to driving returns through the careful management of the environmental and social impact of our investments. We help investors use their capital for good, to power local economies and unlock financial returns. And as part of a not-for-dividend organisation, any profit we make is re-invested back into our parent, Places for People – the UK’s leading social enterprise.

Our Vision

At Thriving Investments, we believe our investments hold more than monetary value - they can also improve lives.

Creating a tangible link between investor expectations and the need for affordable housing, we bridge the gap between economic growth and social value through the investments, developments, and Communities we actively fund. 

Our goal is to tackle the social issues of the day while providing strong financial returns alongside positive social impact.

Our History

Thriving Investments started life as PfP Capital in 2017 as the first and only fully-authorised fund manager wholly owned by a social enterprise and Regulated Provider of social housing.

We've come a long way since. 

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