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Picture Living Catshill, Bromsgrove

Size of fund: approx. £350m

Strategy: Forward fund/buy existing, lease and hold

JV partners: Universities Superannuation Scheme, Places for People 

  • Launched in May 2018 as a joint venture between Universities Superannuation Scheme (“USS”) and Places for People.
  • Flagship UK suburban build-to-rent/single family housing strategy, investing in high-quality new or modern single-family homes for rent.
  • Regionally diversified, with 85% of homes located outside of London and the South-East.
  • Focused on minimising risk whilst delivering a stable income and capital value return to its investors from day one.
  • Current portfolio of over 1,750 single family homes and apartments, of which approximately 10% are currently under development.
  • Portfolio is managed by Touchstone Property Managers, powered by Places for People. 

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